All consultations are 30 minutes and free for the first appointment. Should you require a further consultation or you do not attend the first appointment the consultation will then be chargeable.
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Fingers & Toes

Manicures, Pedicures, Gel on Hands, Gel on Toes
Parafin Wax, Scrubs, Nail Extensions

Eye Treatments

LVL's & Individual Classic Lashes
Tinting, Perming

Waxing - Hair Removal

Hot or Warm waxing available, on all areas of the face and body.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Treatments - using a SHR laser for faster treatment times and amazing results. Suits most skin types and hair colours.


IPL Hair Removal Treatments

IPL Hair Removal Treatment - A class 4 laser with great power to reduce hair on the face and body.

Body Massage

Swedish & Hot Stone - check out our amazing special offers every Wednesday!

Body Fat Reduction

Fat Reduction - Cellulite - Body Contouring
Using 3D Lipo's advanced treatment processes to successfully reduce the areas of stubborn fat on the body.
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Environ Facials

Environ Facials are designed to push active products into the skins layers, plumping, brightening and hydrating the skin. AWARD Winning Serums and Facials!

Skin Resurfacing

AKA Chemical Peels - Skin resurfacing is a quick process with the most amount of long term impact. Working on the skins structure, rebuilding from within, targeting all skin concerns from ACNE, AGE, ... Show more


Dermaplaning is an amazing preparation treatment, which enhances the skins absorption of active ingredients, plus it removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz. Feel brighter and look glowing immediately ... Show more

ACNE Treatments

ACNE in all ages is one of our most asked about treatments as it affects many of us in different ways. We have worked with many treatment protocols and have successfully seen amazing results from our... Show more

Collagen Boost Facials

These are all facials that are designed to trigger skin cell production, boosting collagen and elastin cells, the foundation of our skin, reducing the signs of ageing, evening out skin tone, smoothing... Show more

CACI Microcurrent Facials

The No1 requested facial in the UK. Targeting the MUSCLES in the face, lifting, toning and re-educating the facial muscles.

Skin Tightening

Skin tightening treatments are targeting the skin cells deep down in the structure of the skins layers, awakening them and rebuilding them for a stronger, tighter overall appearance.
Skin tightening ...
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Skin Rejuvenation

The Laser and IPL light waves are delivered to the skin on the face and body, targeting Pigmentation, Broken Veins and increasing cell production of Collagen and Elastin to strengthen the skins founda... Show more

Plasma Treatments

Plasma - Skin Tightening

Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal Treatments

Scalp Micropigmentation

We specialise in both the application of SMP and Laser Tattoo Removal of SMP

Skin Blemish & Foot Treatments

Skin Tags, Warts, Moles, Cherry Angioma, Fungal Nail, Verruca